Automatic call recording

Streamline your communication processes and make your life easier with HotTelecom’s VoIP automatic call recording service. You will get access to a United States virtual phone number plus all of our exclusive services. Customize your call recording and forwarding workflow as you see fit.

What to Expect from HotTelecom Automatic Call Recording?

  • Risk-free and toll-free USA phone number or a custom global business number
  • Highly customizable call recording functions to suit your business needs
  • Affordable monthly packages. Custom pricing is also available
  • Incoming and outgoing calls recording without a fuss
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Full control of the access to the recorded calls for each team member
  • Easy-to-use dashboard interface
  • Quick customer support. Our team will contact you right away for confirmation, testing, activation and clarifications

Improve your business with Automatic call recording

Not all calls are equal. There are some calls that you want to record and others that you don’t. What would you like to record, outgoing calls or incoming calls or both of them? Do you have a specific list or a white/black list of callers? How about conference calls and voicemails? What about routed calls? Do you want to set up a call tracking in your VoIP system?

Aside from all of that, you also have to think about the quality of the call recording. The data will subject to compression and the file size of each record can vary. These things can affect the sound quality of the recordings. Then, there is the question of how long can these calls be stored in the server? Do you want the data to be wiped within a month or more for security purposes?

All of these things and other important processes for your business communications need to be considered carefully. It is important to pick an auto call recording provider that can offer you the flexibility, storage capacity, first-class technology, and security that you are looking for.

How does it work?

There are different ways to record a call depending on the phone system you have. Traditional methods involved taping calls and manually storing these in various storage devices. Those devices were often subjects to wear and tear, which can eventually degrade the quality of the records. The process of taping calls used to be super tedious as well.

Today, you can take an advantage of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) automatic call recording. It means letting your phone save the contents of a call and do the work for you. The data will be saved in a secure cloud-based server and can be accessed and listened to by you or anyone with permissions.

It is important to note that there are state and federal laws governing call recordings. Everyone is advised to consult the relevant Federal Communications Commission (FCC) documents regarding this matter. In general, it is important that all parties involved in the call agree to it being recorded. The best practice is to inform the caller at the start of the call that it is being recorded.

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Benefitrs of Automatic call recording for your business

An automatic call recording system provides a wide range of benefits for your businesses. More establishments across the globe are implementing it and they have already seen how helpful it is.

How can HotTelecom’s automatic call recording help your business?

Streamlines Business Communications

Communication, or the lack thereof, can make or break an organization. With an automatic call recorder, you can always playback the recorded calls to verify the needed information. This ensures that products and services are delivered accurately and in a high-quality and timely manner. Clients won’t be left alone  as well.

The best part is that since the recording is automatic, you don’t even have to worry about this aspect of your operations too much.

Note-Taking Becomes Easy or Unnecessary

Taking calls means noting down important information or instructions. The accuracy of which can be affected by the speed and clarity of the speaker and the attention of the listener. Worse, notes are often written on post-its or pieces of paper that can easily get lost. Avoid all of these inconveniences with an auto call recorder!

Improves Staff Productivity

If messages, requests, or instructions are not be handled and forwarded properly, work might not get done. This can cause friction between employees as well. It can also leave a bad impression on your clients.

By having calls recorded, anyone can refer to the audio and data when it’s necessary. This can boost productivity and lessen confusion.

Recorded Calls Can Be Integrated into Your CRM to Boost Office Processes

Take your office productivity to the next level by integrating the recordings into your CRM. You can even set up more automation. For example, when a whitelisted customer calls, your CRM can quickly create and send an email to your sales team to promote limited offers or other marketing strategies.

Improves Customer Service

The negative effects of miscommunication and botched processes on the company’s reputation should not be underestimated. Through the recording of calls, you can quickly review the pain points of your clients and immediately act on those. If there is a disgruntled customer, you can playback their messages and ensure that you follow up and follow through on their specific concerns.

Recorded messages from happy clients can also be disseminated to your staff to motivate them to do better in handling clients. These calls can even be broadcasted during meetings to help your team come up with improvements and solutions to roadblocks hampering your company’s performance.

Helps Build Up Customer Relationships

Continuing on the same vein, consider having your incoming calls recorded so you can analyze the data that each contains. This information can help you think of better ways to please your clients, thereby improving your relationships with them. Check the recordings as well for better ways to convince your customers to purchase your other products or services, to stay with your company for the long haul, and to become one of the most competitive in your branch evangelists of your brand.

Automatic Means Ease of Use and Convenience

You’ll have access to user-friendly dashboards and all recorded calls will be available to you. You will also be able to easily train your staff to use the system. Retrieval of important calls is a breeze and monitoring your callers, team, and other important information won’t be a problem.

Global call forwarding is also very important service. If you have a remote team, you can simply send them access to the recorded calls and they can act on those and be productive wherever they are. Since the audio files are recorded on the cloud, you can download the files even if you are currently out of the office.

Maintains Evidence and Data for Compliance and Dispute Resolution Purposes

Compliance issues and disputes are sometimes unavoidable in running a business. Protect your team, your company’s name, and your interests by having calls recorded. They can be used as evidence to help you in any legal trouble and they can also help in resolving issues much quicker. Enjoy peace of mind.

As you can see, automatic call recording offers wonderful benefits to your business. Take advantage of it now and experience for yourself all the good it can bring to your operations.

Set Up Automatic Call Recording with HotTelecom

HotTelecom fully understands that recording a call for your business is crucial in ensuring that information is handled and forwarded to the right people carefully and properly. It is also a great way of keeping a copy of important data that may be useful for your business later. Recorded calls can even have a positive impact on any legal complications that you might come across.

When a client call, for example, and they need something done but the person in charge of the work is not yet around, then having that call recorded is definitely helpful. Complicated instructions or messages can be provided to the appropriate recipient without getting lost in translation or transmission.

When something needs to be reviewed down the line or when processes go awry, recorded calls can provide a wealth of information for tracing, sorting, and fixing the workflow. As a whole, having your business calls records is very important in any kind of business.

HotTelecom Is Your Business Partner in Communications

We here at HotTelecom make it easier for you to set up an automatic call recorder system that will work in sync with your processes. We have advanced options and customizable solutions to ensure that communication stress points are addressed in the right way.

Our customers love us because:

  • Everything is easy to set up and online integration is smooth
  • Dashboards do not require steep learning curves to use
  • Any extension or phone number under your account can be used to review the recordings
  • The recordings are high-quality and come with detailed call logs
  • Calls are stored in our secure server for ___ days
  • Audio and other call data can be accessed and managed wherever you are, guaranteeing flexibility
  • Servers are tightly secured
  • Our customer support team are always ready to provide effective assistance

HotTelecom will help your business become well-equipped to handle your incoming and outgoing communications. Now, it is just a matter of choosing the type of system that works best for you. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss how you can record all important calls today!

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